Video Introductions to the Bhagavad Gita 



What is the Gita?

by Dr Lorenzo Da Costa

The Bhagavad Gita is the most revered sacred book of the Hindu world and one of the world’s greatest religious classics.  I hope you find this short and information video enjoyable and useful in your discoveries. 

Practical Messages of the Gita

by Dr Lorenzo Da Costa

The Gita has been my personal bible throughout my life, I have nevertheless studied Buddhist ideas alongside hindu thought. To my mind the to not only complement each other, but, for me, represent variants of the same themes and practices.  

Cosmology around Eastern Religions

by Dr Lorenzo Da Costa

In this video, I propose to give, in simple terms, my personal perspective on cosmology and ideas that underpin Eastern systems such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Here are a just a few of the main points. 

Beyond the Gita – further personal exploration 

by Dr Lorenzo Da Costa

It has been an honour to co-create this online resource and my belief is that the Gita is just the start for many people in their personal discoveries and reflections on the challenges of life. In this video I share recommendations for your onward journey. 

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